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Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on how I am thankful and blessed. I love being with my immediate and extended family. I always feel the warmth and love from them, as well as enjoying the home cooked food. My family is always there for me. They are always willing to help out. Whether it be homework or helping with events or volunteering, they are always there. They always give me, from their experience, the best advice. I enjoy sitting around and talking with them about anything and always enjoying a laugh or smile. My family and I have inside jokes. We can say the simplest of words and the whole family starts laughing. We have that innate ability to understand each other. During Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s always a special time with my family.

I am reminded how grateful I am for my friends. They know how to put a smile on my face. My friends encourage and support me with anything that I do. I always love those mornings that I wake up and have a simple text of wishing me a good day. With anything that I do, whether it be pageants or piano performances or volunteering, my friends are always there, willing to help.

In this Thanksgiving season, I am thankful and blessed.

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