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Miss Oklahoma from the beginning

I began as a Star in the Miss Oklahoma system. As I walked on stage with my Miss, I always looked up to my Miss and admired the person she was/is. I always wanted to be just like her. When I was thirteen, I decided I wanted to compete for scholarship money through Miss Oklahoma’s Outstanding Teen Organization. I didn’t realize everything it entailed. I was very shy. In interviews, I was uncomfortable talking about myself. I was terrified of answering questions from the judges. But, growing up as an only child, I was accustomed to talking with adults, but never understood how being in an interview room with a panel of five judges was any different. I had always heard it said, ‘just be yourself and pretend you’re having a conversation.’ At the time, I thought how is that even possible? They are all judging me and writing down a score for me. As I have gone through the organization, I’ve grown as an individual. I’ve learned more about myself. I know who I am and know what I believe in. I now realize that every time I walk into the interview room or I am with my family or friends, all I can be is myself. I am thankful for the opportunities that this organization has provided me. It not only has helped me to strive for goals that I once thought were unattainable, but I have had the most supportive girls that would do anything for you. I am now blessed to be a Miss and be in the same footsteps that my Miss was in. I am there to encourage and watch my Star and Teen grow and I love every chance I get to cheer them on.

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