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Miss UCO 2018

What a humbling experience it has been so 2014, I began my freshman year at UCO. I remember watching the Miss UCO pageant and hoping that one day I would be on that stage. In 2015 and 2016, I won local titles before Miss UCO was held. Both of those years, I was so amazed by the individuals who were Miss UCO. I always admired them and dreamed that I would hopefully, one day, hold the Miss UCO title. The day came so quickly. The dream that I had held on to, since 2014, had now become a reality. I was at peace the whole day. I knew that I could only do my best. By the end of the show, I had met so many amazing girls who could have all been Miss UCO. They were all caring, supporting and encouraging of each other. I was humbled to walk away with the overall swimsuit award, overall talent award and the title of Miss UCO. My dream had come true. I am so humbled by all the individuals who have invested so much time into the Miss UCO organization because without you all, my dream would not have become a reality.

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